Dear Jonathan Kay. So this is what reconciliation looks like?

MUST read and keep for future rants to those who live deeply in their cognitive dissonance. Genocide in Canada still exists today via the Child Welfare system and now suicides of our youth. 600% higher than the national average in some communities. Suicide is the loss of HOPE and that is the goal of Genocide remove hope and the people will fall. But they forget the hearts of the nation is the WOMEN and we will not let this continue. Idle No More the tides have turned, Indigenous in Canada are ONLY 4% yet we are the ripples world wide awakening the spirits of ALL NATIONS go figure hey maybe the prophesies of Indigenous are really true.

Yesterday I wrote a piece, about my experiences volunteering for the TRC, and my extreme awe at the amount of courage and strength that was required for these survivors to come forward and share their stories. Many of these stories were shared in the hope of reconciliation. Last week Don Iveson, the Mayor of the host city of the final TRC, publicly proclaimed  the next year as a year of Reconciliation.

That word Reconciliation, has been a lovely buzz word thrown about lately, but what does it really mean? To be frank it is a personal term. One that can get muddy and be casually inserted into discussions until it loses all meaning. The word reconciliation to me means, a loving respectful relationship that stems out of mutual knowledge and understanding.  Which we are obviously not there yet. Last week the phrase “Truth before Reconciliation”…

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