Rethinking Capitalism: using Economic Duress against Indigenous communities

we have to be our own media. Nia:wen Ellen for being the voice for the people


The recent agreements by some nations accepting resource development on their lands is very worrisome.  I often wonder if decisions were made under economic duress or whether or not the standards of free, prior and informed consent were respected, were there environment impact studies and by whom?  I fear the end results of resource development will be devastating to all since mining companies have demonstrated a poor track record of restoring the land to useable areas once they are finished extracting all they can from the Earth .

Over the years, I’ve attended numerous chiefs’ meetings and have observed how contentious issues are often dealt with which is not to rock the boat or criticize.  Issues such as the McIvor decision on “Indian” status or membership codes based upon blood quantum [- a criteria created by the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs] are at the best of times rarely…

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