Stranger Danger – Keeping Our Children Safe

William whyte Family room had a presentation last week on establishing a Community Block Parent program. we need people to come fill out the forms so Block Parent program can get reference checks completed and this TIMELY and important program can be started.

In 2007 this exact same initiative was started by the William Whyte Residents Association but folded due to lack of Community participation and commitment to keeping it going. We need people to care and I believe MM@TBT has helped to create that desire and capacity.

Miigwech MC for all you inspire and work hard to do

North End MC

This past Friday at the Bell Tower we witnessed an adult who had asked children for help, offering money and toys in exchange for their ‘help’. He approached the Bell Tower gathering with 3 little ones, between the ages of 5 and 8 and two beer cans in his hands. He stayed only long enough for the kids to receive their prize tickets for our weekly draw – before he had left those children behind. Sound safe?

stranger danger title sheet for kids

We called after him “you can’t leave your children here!”. When he responded, he said “I don’t know those kids, they just followed me here” and proceeded to walk away from our crowd. At this point, we had a conundrum and 3 little ones we had no guardian for, or relationship with. Luckily, the kids lived within a few blocks of the bell tower and several Bell Tower volunteers walked each child to…

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