Chapter 1: What is the CEO Sleepout 2012?

2014 #ceosleepout next Thursday!

North End MC

Did you know that in September over 40 CEO will be raising awareness, raising money and spending a night on the street in support of homelessness initiatives in Winnipeg?

Now you do!

The CEO Sleepout 2012 (organized by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and their Change for the Better Campaign) is in its second year and is committed to engaging the business community and the general public in a meaningful initiative that will bring much needed attention to the issue of homelessness in Winnipeg. Last year, they raised $94,000 that went to employment programs with Siloam Mission, Red Road Lodge & Graffiti Art Programming.

I recently was able to connect with a few CEOs and the infamous @DownTownJason to learn more about this initiative. i learned about how 100% of funds raised go towards supporting employment initatives for homeless folks. One thing that got me excited was the downtown…

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