Walking with the Bear Clan

The Clan System is ALIVE and well after all! Bizhiw Ndoodem

North End MC

Tonight I had the privilege ofwalking with the Bear Clan Patrol in Winnipeg’s North End. According to their Facebook page “today’s resurgence of the Bear Clan Patrol is in response to our communities need to protect its young women and children”, they patrol the Dufferin and William Whyte Neighbourhoods from Wednesday to Sunday from 6 to 9pm. They meet at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre 472 Selkirk Avenue most nights and we are honoured to visit with them on Fridays at Meet Me at the Bell Tower as well.

walking w bear clan

Even though the Bear Clan has been back since 2015, tonight was my first time walking with the patrol. Since their inception they have inspired several other patrols in North Point Douglas, Regina, SK and Kenora, ON!We met at 6pm at NYRC in the culture room where waivers needed to be signed. We then split into 3 teams (there were…

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