Walking with the Bear Clan

The Clan System is ALIVE and well after all! Bizhiw Ndoodem

North End MC

Tonight I had the privilege ofwalking with the Bear Clan Patrol in Winnipeg’s North End. According to their Facebook page “today’s resurgence of the Bear Clan Patrol is in response to our communities need to protect its young women and children”, they patrol the Dufferin and William Whyte Neighbourhoods from Wednesday to Sunday from 6 to 9pm. They meet at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre 472 Selkirk Avenue most nights and we are honoured to visit with them on Fridays at Meet Me at the Bell Tower as well.

walking w bear clan

Even though the Bear Clan has been back since 2015, tonight was my first time walking with the patrol. Since their inception they have inspired several other patrols in North Point Douglas, Regina, SK and Kenora, ON!We met at 6pm at NYRC in the culture room where waivers needed to be signed. We then split into 3 teams (there were…

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Dear Relative

As our Nations continue to heal we will start to see these unravelling of the broken Attachments so they may begin to mend. Many have not learned to stay in any relationship, many more have learned to numb the pain of harmful relationships. All is good and meant to unfold as it should. #LOVE #SHARE #HEAL

North End MC

​Dear relative
I wanted to send you this note to tell you how thankful I am to have had you in my life. Thank you for giving me permission be proud of who I was, for reminding me to love my family and to be thankful for the places that I come from. Thank you for sharing the teachings with me that have helped me to strive for balance and integrity in my work and in my relationships with others.

Thank you for forgiving me when I make mistakes and for continuing to remind me of things more than a couple times. But mostly I want to say thank you for being in my life; I am a better person because you were in it.

To those who stayed, kinanaskomitin for not leaving us behind – you better believe we know what that emptiness is like. Your continued presence is…

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How Could This Have Gone On For So Long?

Elyse Bruce

With the Jian Ghomeshi scandal breaking new stories every few hours, the aspect of bullying and intimidation has come forward as one of the many ways in which predators control their victims … or try to control their victims.  What is common among many predators who use bullying and intimidation to keep their victims in line is the fact that at the core of their being, they are anxious about their own limitations and a distrust of others because they recognize in themselves that they cannot be trusted.

They generally have an air of superiority and have a need for power over others as well as adulation and fawning.  There is no respect shown by predators for others, and there is no reciprocity unless, in doing so, it benefits the predator.

Some mistakenly believe that nice people cannot be predators.  The truth of the matter is that there are people…

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How Not to React to Jian Ghomeshi’s PR Statement

version of what he called “the truth.” It was impressive in how quickly that PR company put that statement together – they knew they had to be the ones to frame the story. But I’m asking you to please, please not let them do that.

Don’t let them frame this story as a “crazy ex-girlfriend” problem. Don’t let them make this seem like it’s about a girl who was jealous and upset and started making false accusations, against poor innocent Jian. We know why they would create that narrative – it’s because it works. It’s because it’s so easy to discredit a woman as just ‘hysterical’ or ‘jealous’ and then see all of her actions through that light. It’s easy – because it is indicative of how our society sees women. Don’t let them do that.

Don’t let them frame this story as “the CBC fired me for being interested in kink!” When in fact the CBC fired him because four separate women have come forward with accusations of violent physical and sexual assaults.

Elle Beaver

Well. It’s been a hell of a week in Canada.

Canadian feminist blog + jian ghomeshi
I read the xoJane article about Jian when it was published, in June 2013. Since then, I’ve heard numerous similar stories about general creepy behaviour. I stopped listening to Q, because even though I wasn’t a big fan of his before, I could no longer listen to Jian Ghomeshi’s voice without hearing him as a huge skeezebag. But I never thought it was anything more than that – just icky, skeezy behaviour that women are already all too used to. I didn’t see a story there, so I didn’t write anything about it. What would the title be? “Famous Guy Has Big Ego and Thinks Women Are Objects” … yeah. Super original content, there.

Yesterday all of that changed. As soon as the CBC announced that they fired Jian because of new information that had come to light, a lot…

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Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit

Supporting the next generation creating a better today

AYO! Movement - The Blog

YOU’RE INVITED to join AYO and David Gingera in Celebrating the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Winnipeg’s Inner City! Hear from local business owners, be entertained by speakers and musicians – and most importantly – celebrate the spirit of your very own business idea.


David Gingera is the founder of Citi Grow and a social entrepreneur. His innovative Groundhog Project is set to change the game for inner city entrepreneurs providing those with the spirit, the commitment and the dedication with some much needed tools, resources and mentors.


More info on the GHP and ways to suppoirt Entrepreneurial Spirit in Winnipeg’s inner city can be found here: https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf19972


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Chapter 1: What is the CEO Sleepout 2012?

2014 #ceosleepout next Thursday!

North End MC

Did you know that in September over 40 CEO will be raising awareness, raising money and spending a night on the street in support of homelessness initiatives in Winnipeg?

Now you do!

The CEO Sleepout 2012 (organized by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and their Change for the Better Campaign) is in its second year and is committed to engaging the business community and the general public in a meaningful initiative that will bring much needed attention to the issue of homelessness in Winnipeg. Last year, they raised $94,000 that went to employment programs with Siloam Mission, Red Road Lodge & Graffiti Art Programming.


I recently was able to connect with a few CEOs and the infamous @DownTownJason to learn more about this initiative. i learned about how 100% of funds raised go towards supporting employment initatives for homeless folks. One thing that got me excited was the downtown…

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Homelessness in Winnipeg: Let’s End This

North End MC


Where will I get my next meal? Where will I sleep tonight? For 3,000 Winnipeggers every night those questions bill burn a hole into their empty wallets and empty bellies as they struggle to fill one of the 400 spaces available at the Salvation Army. There are only 2 youth shelters in the City, and only one that allows youth a safe place to be without having the involvement of the child welfare system (16 spots). We as a community must do more to address these issues.

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