#OurVoicesTogether Youth Conference in Pimicikimak (& Social Media Contest)

AYO sharing #Hope and #Light everywhere!

North End MC

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to the 2014 Pimicikimak Youth Conference taking place Wednesday September 17th-Friday September 19th, at the Otter Nelson River School for young people from grades 8-12! I am honoured to appear alongside Wab Kinew, Fresh IE, Colby Tootoosis, Teen Talk and of course the amazing youth leaders of Pimicikimak.



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We Don’t Have To Wait

MC says it well DON’t WAIT
GO out and just be Kind help others
share and show you care

North End MC

If suicide was a person, I would give them a hug. I would ask them to share their words with me. I would assure them that I was listening. I would help them make a plan to stay alive. I would try my hardest to make them laugh. I would hold their hand and tell them it’s ok to cry. I would remind them of their gifts and why they are so special, not only to me, but their families, and their community. I would say the word I LOVE YOU. I would say the words “you are not alone” and mean it.

Suicide is an epidemic within our communities and it has to stop now. It is a symptom of a larger sickness called HOPELESSNESS. There are many different programs, phone numbers, videos; websites out there intended to provide resources to you if you feel this way. Reach out…

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Protesters disrupt construction over First Nations burial ground on islet off Saltspring Island

Warrior Publications

Saltspring Island residents together with First Nations elders took to the water Tuesday to demand a halt to the construction of a luxury home on Grace Islet, in Ganges Harbour. Saltspring Island residents together with First Nations elders took to the water Tuesday to demand a halt to the construction of a luxury home on Grace Islet, in Ganges Harbour.

 ‘You would never do this to your ancestors,’ chief tells workers

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A Place to Hang Your Stories Winnipeg Aug 20 – 31, 2014

These links really show why it’s so important that people take time to go see
A Place To Hang Your Stories art installation.

is the latest news story

AYO! Movement - The Blog

Find below an opportunity to show support for Residential School Survivors and their intergenerational descendants through an art display called A PLACE TO HANG YOUR STORIES. Our friends at the Indigenous Family Centre, the same place we have Meet Me at the Bell Tower Each Friday has stepped up to the plate to volunteer their space for this important project.


In fall 2013, Artist Dawn Marie Marchand was approached by a community member who knew that the final Truth and Reconciliation Commission event was going to Edmonton March 2014. Knowing the power of Walking With Our Sisters Exhibit which provided immense awareness to the issue of Murdered and Missing Indigenous women, it also gave people a voice to be heard and often much needed healing. She wondered if such a project could happen for Residential School Survivors and their intergenerational descendants who are still affected even if they did not attend…

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Stranger Danger – Keeping Our Children Safe

William whyte Family room had a presentation last week on establishing a Community Block Parent program. we need people to come fill out the forms so Block Parent program can get reference checks completed and this TIMELY and important program can be started.

In 2007 this exact same initiative was started by the William Whyte Residents Association but folded due to lack of Community participation and commitment to keeping it going. We need people to care and I believe MM@TBT has helped to create that desire and capacity.

Miigwech MC for all you inspire and work hard to do

North End MC

This past Friday at the Bell Tower we witnessed an adult who had asked children for help, offering money and toys in exchange for their ‘help’. He approached the Bell Tower gathering with 3 little ones, between the ages of 5 and 8 and two beer cans in his hands. He stayed only long enough for the kids to receive their prize tickets for our weekly draw – before he had left those children behind. Sound safe?

stranger danger title sheet for kids

We called after him “you can’t leave your children here!”. When he responded, he said “I don’t know those kids, they just followed me here” and proceeded to walk away from our crowd. At this point, we had a conundrum and 3 little ones we had no guardian for, or relationship with. Luckily, the kids lived within a few blocks of the bell tower and several Bell Tower volunteers walked each child to…

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Rethinking Capitalism: using Economic Duress against Indigenous communities

we have to be our own media. Nia:wen Ellen for being the voice for the people


The recent agreements by some nations accepting resource development on their lands is very worrisome.  I often wonder if decisions were made under economic duress or whether or not the standards of free, prior and informed consent were respected, were there environment impact studies and by whom?  I fear the end results of resource development will be devastating to all since mining companies have demonstrated a poor track record of restoring the land to useable areas once they are finished extracting all they can from the Earth .

Over the years, I’ve attended numerous chiefs’ meetings and have observed how contentious issues are often dealt with which is not to rock the boat or criticize.  Issues such as the McIvor decision on “Indian” status or membership codes based upon blood quantum [- a criteria created by the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs] are at the best of times rarely…

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